Prolific is a platform for real scientific research and many of you take this seriously, often going above and beyond in their diligence when completing studies. This is why we want to give researchers a way to say thanks to the best participants.
Each researcher now gets Stars to award optionally for really great submissions to their study. Researchers can only award up to 5% of participants with Stars per study, so if you get one, then you’ve really excelled! 
You’ll receive an email notification when you get a star for one of your submissions. On your account page, you will from now on see the Stars you’ve earned instead of the Prolific Score.

In addition, we’ll be starting to feature“participants of the month” on our blog. That is, each month we’ll pick a participant who has collected exceptionally many Stars and say thanks with a prize– a Prolific T-Shirt, which we’ll ship to wherever you currently are in the world!